Manage flagged email in Microsoft ToDo

Microsoft ToDo is becoming more capable of taking the full load of your task management from Outlook. In this latest release you can manage your flagged email. At the beginning of the day we scan through email and prioritise what to respond to first. Some email requires a longer, more considered response. I flag … Continue reading Manage flagged email in Microsoft ToDo

Windows 10 and Office 365 connected accounts – a consultant’s story.

If your organisation is using #Office365, there's a lot of helpful integrations to sign you into services and different cloud services and storage. #Windows10 offers to add your work or school account so you don't have to sign in often. Office let's you connect multiple Office 365 accounts so you can access related SharePoint document … Continue reading Windows 10 and Office 365 connected accounts – a consultant’s story.

User Adoption. Next, Next, Done?

An information system is not implemented in an organisation simply by starting installation, clicking next a few times to accept the defaults and a final click on ‘Done’ at the end. We know that systems need to be configured to fit the needs of the organisation. In fact the project begins much earlier than installation. … Continue reading User Adoption. Next, Next, Done?

Outlook Mobile: Focused Inbox

While assisting organisations with User Adoption during their Microsoft 365 projects, I observed a noticeable gap in how-to video content for Outlook mobile. I'm going to do my part to fill the gap by creating an Outlook Mobile playlist of short videos, sharing the context of why and where you would use features in Outlook Mobile. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep up with fresh tips uploaded frequently. When you're working on the move, away from your desk or office, you need to keep up with important email. But you only have brief opportunities during your busy day to check your messages and decide what to … Continue reading Outlook Mobile: Focused Inbox

Attaching files to tasks in Microsoft ToDo

Do you use Microsoft ToDo to organise your personal tasks? Microsoft have opened up an Insiders program for early access and as an initial carrot, introduce file attachments to tasks. I saw a few questions about how to add file attachments on iOS. This video walks through how to attach a file using the iOS … Continue reading Attaching files to tasks in Microsoft ToDo

6 tips to improve cloud storage user adoption

The way we organize files is intensely personal. Folders have given us a way to group files in almost countless ways. Folders are familiar. Their boundaries are easy to understand. Permissions applied to the folder and anything in the folder inherits those permissions. Sub-folders are easy to create. Folders are simple to copy or move. … Continue reading 6 tips to improve cloud storage user adoption