Mac Office 365 users have been requesting a SkyDrive Pro syncing client, to improve the Office for Mac and SharePoint Online experience. While Microsoft is on a roll with listening-and-doing, will this be addressed? Is there something for Mac in the pipeline?
[UPDATE 4-Sept] Mark Kashsman, Senior Product Manager for the SharePoint team at Microsoft, responded with this comment about SkyDrive Pro support for Mac.

Our current Mac support for SharePoint Online and SkyDrive Pro (SDP) is via the Web browser, Safari. Specific to SDP, you can drag/drop from the desktop into Web SDP (try it if you haven’t yet). I know this is not what you are asking. We are actively planning next phases of SDP development for Web, apps and sync clients – with focus on addressing Mac in the mix of innovation. You’ll see much Mac focus from MSFT. Hang tight and thanks for the comment.


Thank you Mark, for letting us know that a Mac SDP sync client is in the works.

Come to think of it, has anyone heard anything about the next Office for Mac? 2014? Will it have improved integration with SkyDrive and SharePoint (on-prem and online), like we saw with Office 2013?  Will it include a SkyDrive Pro standalone client for syncing?

Here’s some posts that make some guesses and fuel some rumours about Office for Mac 2014.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2014 release date, rumours and leaked images 
The “leaked” images are of Office 2013 taken from a Windows 7 PC. So excuse that claim. But it’s an interesting read.

Microsoft’s Office for iOS, Android: Not until fall 2014? 10 April 2013.
While this is an old post, it’s the closest thing I could find to a release date. We’ve already seen Office for iPhone and Android Phones released. Is IOS / Android still to come?

The 1.5 wave of the Gemini updates is set for April 2014, the roadmap indicates. This is when the Office team will deliver the next version of Mac Office and an update to Office for Windows Phone.

If you’ve heard anything more about Office for Mac 2013 or a standalone SkyDrive Pro client for Mac, feel free to add your comments and links.


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