O365ClicktoRunAn Office 2013 update released in September 2013 Public updates made Outlook’s folder pane disappear. Microsoft were quick to recognize the issue and removed the update from distribution. The Office Updates team posted an explanation and steps to fix the problem if you had already downloaded the update.
Why was Office 2013 Click to Run (via Office 365/the cloud) not affected?
Looking closer at Microsoft’s explanation, the problem only occurred when Outlook.exe and the mso.dll were running as different versions.

This is an example of where installing ‘this update but not that update’ caused the problem.

“If one file is updated but the other is not, the problem is evident. The incompatible state is created by installing either the September Public Update OR the August Cumulative update, but not both.”



Click to Run Office 2013 updates are slipstreamed. So both Outlook.exe and mso.dll versions were the same version.
Click to Run keeps Office 2013 up to date, running at the same level of updates as Microsoft has tested and released. There is no danger of running a build of Office 2013 where different parts of the application are running different versions.
It means you are running a complete build of Office 2013 that has been tested as a complete build, not one that is updated in a piece meal fashion.

What if you need to test if a build of Office is compatible with your customizations and Office add-in applications? Look into using a controlled distribution point for Office 2013 Click to Run. This makes use of the Office Deployment Tool and your own network shares or deployment systems.
Investigate the following blog posts and videos to learn more about Click to Run deployments with the Office Deployment Tool.


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