Out of Office stuck on - Perpetual holiday perhaps?

OutofOfficeStuckOn_featHas your Office 365 migration tried to keep some of your people on a perpetual holiday?

Over the Christmas break, our company migrated mailboxes to Microsoft Office 365|Exchange Online. Our chosen migration method was Exchange 2010 in hybrid with Exchange Online. Some people had been mindful enough to set an Autoreply, an Out of Office (OOF) message before the break. But after migration, the OOF / Autoreply for some mailboxes was still turned on. We checked the settings using Outlook desktop client and OWA, confirming OOF was turned off in both locations.

This tip is from Shyamal Debnath at Microsoft Support, via a post in community.office365.com.

Confirm that Automatic replies are turned off using

  1. Outlook software client File > Info > Automatic Replies OutofOfficeStuckOn_01
  2. Outlook Web App Settings menu (Gears icon) > Organize Email > Automatic Replies OutofOfficeStuckOn_02

Confirm there are no mailbox rules that are configured to send an auto reply

File > Info section > Manage Rules & Alerts

Use the free tool MFCMAPI

If the Out Of Office still remains on, you can use MFCMAPI to turn it off. MFCMAPI is a free tool hosted on CodePlex, an Open Source Community from Microsoft.

  1. Perform these procedures from the affected persons computer. Before you start MFCMapi.exe, make sure Outlook is closed. It will use your current mail profile
  2. Select  Session > Logon and Display Store Table
  3. Select the Outlook mail profile from the drop-down menu and click OK.
  4. In the list of your configured message stores find your mailbox by looking at the Display Name column. It should have display your email address.
  5. In the pane below, look in the Property Name(s) column for PR_OOF_STATE
  6. When you look at the Value column for this property, you’ll see it is now set to True. Double click the entry to disable the check box in front of “Boolean”.
  7. Choose OK to save and close the dialog.
  8. Log off your session via; Session-> Logoff OutofOfficeStuckOn_03

Thank you again for the tip Shyamal.

My apologies to the staff members who thought could return to their holiday. We fixed the problem.