From-Inside-the-cloud-200x400I used to look at clouds as a child and wonder if they really were all fluffy, comfy balls of cotton. In adult-speak, “Could I really be supported on a platform made of Cloud?” It’s funny how that same question takes a different form, now that I work using cloud-based, online services. I haven’t flown much in my life. Things are getting busier at as I begin to instruct more training courses around the country. Flight becomes necessary. But the wonder of flight still motivates me trying to book a window seat. The child in me still wants to step out and stand on a cloud. So at take off and landing, I still look out at the clouds.
I pay homage to the planes engineering, the physics of flight and I put my faith in them as I look out into the clouds and travel to my destination. A succession and history of engineers, starting with inventors such as Richard Pearse, or the Wright Brothers, put in A LOT of time, testing and design to shift me into the clouds.

Microsoft share with us a new blog series called “From Inside The Cloud“, a closer look into the engineering, security and compliance within their cloud. Is your business data safe in Microsoft’s cloud? Can you trust their cloud platform? Is it just water vapour that looks fluffy and comfy, or is it something your business can step out onto and truly and safely be supported? Learn more and follow the blog series.

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