I have been participating in the first day of a 2 day SharePoint Power User course. I’m using my Surface Pro 3 (SP3) and it’s new Type Cover. I thought I’d add a little more to my Surface Life blog category to share my real life experience.

Working from my lap

The class is full, so as a co-instructor, I am on a comfy desk chair at the back of the room and working from my lap. I have adjusted the height of the chair so my feet are comfortably on the floor and my lap is flat.

My original Surface Pro and Type Cover 2 bounced as I typed. The Type Cover would pivot where it connected to the Surface. The Surface original is heavier than my SP3. So typing from my lap was not a very stable experience.
I am using the magnetic strip on the new Type Cover to fix it to the screen. The keyboard is very stable to type with. It flexes a little, but the SP3 doesn’t bounce or pivot where the Type Cover connects, as I type. My screen is angled at the 10 o’clock position and is comfortable to view. I can vary the angle of the screen further if needed. But this is comfortable.

SP3-Working-frm-lap-all-day-02 SP3-Working-frm-lap-all-day-01

I touch type, 60 words per minute on a good day. I felt I could type at my regular speed with my SP3 comfortably in my lap.

Working from my lap, I haven’t used a mouse all day. I have been using the touch pad and touching the screen. The touch pad is a huge improvement on the Type Cover 3. It’s more accurate. The left and right mouse buttons are easier to use. I found with the Type Cover 2, I had to press in the middle of the mouse button to activate it. But the Type Cover 3 mouse buttons are forgiving because they are connected to the touchpad. I don’t have to be accurate with my mouse clicks, as long as I am clicking on the left or right side of the touchpad.



Battery Life

I started the day at 6am, checking email and responding to posts in Yammer, Twitter etc. Nothing heavy, running on battery. I put the SP3 into standby for a short period while travelling to the training venue.  Then I used it for making notes during training and browser based training exercises.

I was mobile as a hotspot for internet access. The mobile phone was plugged into the USB port of the SP3 power adapter most of the day.

The SP3 battery capacity was around 12% at 3:30pm.  I plugged into the power adapter and was back to 70% power within an 45min.

I think 9 hours of light to medium duty tasks was a good run, working from my lap all day.

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