This tip is for schools and teachers using the OneNote Class Notebook Creator. Learn more about it and find other tips by reading my blog post – OneNote Class Notebook Creator – Officially Launched 
All notebooks are created in a new document library “EDUOneNoteAppDocuments”. It’s not the friendliest name. To find the new library, students and teachers will need to visit Site Contents in their class sites or OneDrive for Business.

I suggest renaming the library and adding it to the Quick Launch / Current Navigation menu on your class site.

A video of the following steps can be viewed here.


  1. From your class site, click the Settings (Cog) button and choose Site Contents.
  2. Open the EDUOneNoteAppDocuments library.
  3. In the ribbon menu, click the Library tab and click the Library Settings icon.
  4. In the General Settings area, choose List name, description and navigation.
  5. Replace the name “EDUOneNoteAppDocuments” with “Class Notebooks”.
  6. Choose Yes, to display this document library on the Quick Launch.OneNote-Classroom-Notebook-Creator-Rename-Library
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Home, to return to the home page of your class site.

The Class Notebooks link appears in the Quick Launch menu.



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