This tip is for schools and teachers using the OneNote Class Notebook Creator. Learn more about it and find other tips by reading my blog post – OneNote Class Notebook Creator – Officially Launched 
If a teacher has set homework for their students to complete in the Class Notebook, they need to be able to quickly check if it has been completed. You can see the sections and pages are bolded font, to indicate there is changed content and something new to read. But there is an easy way to display new content using the History tab in OneNote.

  1. In your Class Notebook, from the ribbon menu, select the History tab.
  2. Click the Recent Edits icon and select Last 7 Days.
    The Search Results pane will be displayed.
  3. Change the Sort by drop down menu to Sort by Author.
    A list of authors, students and teacher will be displayed.
  4. Expand each student to view the latest changes.

The teacher can now quickly check the Worksheet – How forces Affect Movement.

I’ll make a small feature request (#featreq) of the OneNote team at this point. Can you please at more sort, filter and group-by conditions for the Search Results? Sorting by author and grouping by section would be useful to check for completed homework. This would display students, then group by their Homework section of their notebook.




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