Continuing with my fun using Microsoft Sway, I skim through some of the features of the new Office 365 Groups.

  • What are Office 365 Groups?
  • Joining a Group
  • Office 365 Group Conversations
  • Sharing Group Files
  • Managing Group Events
  • Using Office 365 Groups from your smartphone or tablet

The integration with Exchange and OneDrive for Business is excellent. Many of us using Office 365 are waiting to see how Groups will further integrate with Yammer and SharePoint. In the mean time, consider showing your people how to use Groups for quick collaboration with small groups of people of 300 or less.

Note: The embedded Sway below is best viewed if you click/tap the full screen button.


A few notes about this Sway

I tried to make this Sway a little more dynamic and interactive. I placed reference links to the Microsoft Support help articles, so that full content about Office 365 Groups a click away.

I use animated gifs to demonstrate some of the steps in place of YouTube videos. Using TechSmith Camtasia and custom settings, I optimized the animations to demonstrate a process concisely, while keeping the file size low.

The layout I chose this time displayed the pictures in a softer, pinned look.

I made use of the colour inspiration feature, which lets you choose a image from your Sway to build a colour palette for your fonts, styles and accents. I really like this feature because I don’t have to be a colour expert. Sway builds a few colour palettes that will match the picture you choose.

Groups-Sway-00 Groups-Sway-01

Using the embed code, it seems I can adjust the dimensions to what ever I want. Sway will adapt to the dimensions you choose.

I’m enjoying Sway and look forward to seeing what other features Microsoft add to it.


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