Posting-to-All-Network-Yammer-featOne complaint about Yammer is that too many posts are sent to the All Network group. The ‘All Network’ group is like an ‘All Company’ DL. We have all experienced receiving misplaced messages sent via the All Company DL. Lost car keys. Fundraiser biscuits for sale.The problem is that it’s easy to post to ‘All Network’ in Yammer. We visit the Home page of our Yammer network and want to communicate something quickly. We might briefly consider who are target audience for the message is. But many messages still get posted to All Network because the “To” field is already filled in for us. Whereas a new email has to be purposefully sent to the ‘All Company’ DL. The To / Recipient field for a new email is left empty and the DL or intended recipients need to be filled in.

One way to help reduce the number of All Network posts is to set the “Message Prompt” text. A Enterprise Yammer Network Admin can do the following:

  1. Click Admin to expand the Admin menu.
  2. Select Design and Configuration.
  3. Enter your text in the Message Prompt box.
    e.g. Consider posting to a group, before posting to All Network.
  4. Click Save.
    The Message Prompt will now display your text in each Update box.Posting-to-All-Network-Yammer-03

The problem with this approach is, we are lazy. We have tuned ourselves to glance over or ignore suggestions and prompts. The text offers guidance with no way to enforce it.

My feature request is to change the way messages are posted from the Yammer network Home page.
Just like with a new email, I want to leave the To / Recipient field blank for a new post. When this field is blank, the Post button is inactive. You can’t post. People posting an update from the Home page would need to purposefully choose the group or person they wish to post to.

If the groups in the Yammer network are clearly named, they will be suggested when someone types a keyword. The message is more likely to be posted in the correct group.



This would be more effective than using the “Message Prompt” text, suggesting considering posting to a group.

Let me know what you think. Help me refine the idea in the comments below or join the discussion in the Office 365 Network on Yammer.

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  1. The answer here isn’t on the write side, but on the read side. If I don’t read the All Company feed, then I don’t see garbage posts from people I don’t follow. Stick to the “Following” view and you’re fine. The problem is Yammer highlights the All feed too much, especially in their mobile apps.


    1. I agree, that using the Following feed is a better way to filter out the All Network posts and focus on what interests you. But to help new and ‘lazy’ users, leaving the To / Recipient field blank will guide people to think about who their audience is and perhaps think more about their message too. Then you’ll get more quality posts in Yammer Groups and more interesting discussions to “Follow”.


  2. I would love your suggestion, in fact it’s the same I was dreaming on. How can we help you move this up to the product group?


  3. I would really love to see them add user types. Group only, and full network. If they are group only and post to all network it immediately drops the duplicate messages into each group they are part of and does not post to groups they are not a part of. If a user is a full network user when they post to the all network section it posts to all groups.


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