I recently sent my Surface Pro 3 in for repair. There was a problem with the battery. Rather than repair and return your original Surface, you’re likely to receive a new or refurbished unit. I was a disappointed to find that the refurbished unit I received had a worn kickstand. It still worked, but was not in as good a condition as my original SP3 kickstand. I talked with a few others and they commented that they had sent their SP3’s in for kickstand repair.
Why was my kickstand on my original SP3 in such good condition? Because I used it correctly.
The promotional videos show that to adjust the kickstand, you simply push down on the SP3 and the kickstand hinge pivots while the kickstand slides long the table or desk. This works well when the table or desk is smooth and the person is apply the pressure correctly. Performed incorrectly, the kickstand can become worn. You’ll know when you’re doing it wrong because it feels awkward and you feel like you’re applying too much pressure.

I made this video to show you how to adjust the kickstand correctly. It will work when using your SP3 on any surface; your lap, a desk, a tray table on a plane or even your bed. Using this method should improve the life of your kickstand.



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