The long awaited Yammer Office 365 Sign-in comes to my tenant. This short video looks at a few user experiences when using Yammer from the Office 365 App Launcher. In short, it’s convenient. There is still something a little quirky about “last actively browsed Yammer network.” But overall, it’s a step that will set the foundation for deeper integration of Yammer into Office 365 services.

Update | 18 Feb

I must add, I use the Yammer embed code to display our company Yammer feed in our SharePoint Online intranet. An added benefit of Yammer Office 365 Sign-in is that when I log into our intranet, the embedded Yammer feed is logged in at the same time. No more embedded Yammer login prompts:Yammer-Office-365-Sign-in-02

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  1. Nice video, it’s good to see this in action as I’ve been holding off rolling out SSO on our site until this feature is released in the wild.I’m curious how this operates on mobile devices for the first yammer signup login as previously people using SSO have had to use two different passwords on first install so hopefully this will make it easier for everyone


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