Jeff Noss from Princess Anne Middle School in Virginia Beach wanted to know if a OneNote Class Notebook can be used by a student who doesn’t have an Office 365 email account.


Some schools choose not to provision email accounts, particularly for their younger students. Let’s see if my student, Scott Noemail, can participate in a Class Notebook.

Yes, Scott can participate. Even though he has no email account or mailbox, the OneNote Class app will create a student area for Scott in the Class Notebook and set all the necessary sharing permissions. When Scott visits the OneNote tile in the Office 365 app launcher, the Class Notebook will be listed in the notebooks he as access to. However, in OneDrive for Business, the notebook is not listed in the “Shared with Me” view.

An hour after creating the notebook and it still isn’t available in Shared with Me. I thought it might depend on SharePoint Online running through a search indexing cycle. Jeff thinks it may be due to the notebook invitation not being received and then opened. He might be right. I recommend using the OneNote tile in the app launcher to access all notebooks you have access to.

Thanks for the question Jeff.

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