Are you using Office 365 for email only, or are you using it for more than that? Are you Office 365-ing?
Many organizations are not making full use of their subscriptions. There’s more to Office 365 than simply moving your email off your current platform and to Exchange Online.


Are you using your cloud based home drive, OneDrive for Business (OneDrive4B)?

With loads of storage space and simple sharing options, it’s my opinion that you should be using your OneDrive4B from the same day you start using your new Office 365 mailbox.

Are you creating sites to collaborate with teams and host and intranet?

Every Office 365 subscription that includes SharePoint Online will start with a single team site to centrally share files, manage lists and projects, post open discussions and much more. With a few simple tips, you can start to create a intranet structure that helps your teams work together, rather than “collaborating” by emailing document attachments to each other.

Are you taking advantage of those same sites to work together with your external partners and customers?

Create a site for each of your customers and partners so you can work openly and eliminate document version confusion. List the important dates and tasks for that project in your customer / partner site so everyone knows what’s happening and what their responsibilities are.

Are you using Skype for Business (Skype4B) to connect with your team members AND connect with other organizations using Skype for Business?

More than just instant messaging, Skype4B can connect you on a different level. Working from home or on the road, remain accessible and connected to your team. If a picture paints a thousand words, a shared desktop or video call paints a million words. Further than that, when your customers and partners are using Skype for Business, you can connect with them as easily as you can email or phone them.

Are you using Office 365 Groups, a quick way to provision a calendar, place for conversations and sharing files?

If creating SharePoint sites presents you with too many options, consider creating a Group for each of your teams. They give the group members simple, easy access to a number of collaborative Office 365 services simply by joining the group.


I have plenty more questions for you.

I also have answers. My blog has always focused on bringing out the tips for using Office 365 productively to help your groups and teams work more effectively together.

In my new role at BitTitan, I help our partners move their customers to Office 365 easily and efficiently, so they can focus on other important projects, such as helping you configure and use Office 365.

In my continuing role as a Microsoft MVP for Office 365, I’ll continue to make you aware and share what I’ve learned from experience and from our awesome community, how to use Office 365 and get the most out of your subscription.


Follow my new category “Use Office 365” as I write about moving you from email centric “collaboration” to a fuller use of all Office 365 services.

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