Congratulations Microsoft and the Office team on your release of Office 2016 today.

My future posts about Office 2016 and Office 365 will be discussing what has been delivered that will help us work together, easier. Microsoft have said their focus for Office 2016 has been about “taking the work out of working together”, meaning that this latest version of Office and Office 365 will help us to communicate and collaborate in a more natural way.

This first post is brief and focused on helping you get Office 2016 on your desktops, laptops and Windows based tablets from the portal.



Office 365 will deliver Office 2016 using the Current Branch for Business deployment method.  By default this means that Office 2016 won’t be available in the portal for download till February 2016. If you want it earlier, you will need to activate First Release in your Office 365 tenant, either for the whole organization or for select people.

This will make the Office 2016 installation available for users in First Release, when they visit and open their software installation page.

Today, September 22 2015…

…you will find the Office 2016 installation option in the section “Try the next version of Office“, NOT “Install the latest version of Office“.


February 2016…

By February 2016, the Office 2016 installation will be available under the section “Install the latest version of Office.

I want to direct you to two other videos produced by the Office Mechanics that explain the Current Branch for Business and step you through the different deployment methods for Office 2016 available for you today.

Make sure you understand your options with Current Branch and First Release. Look into using the Office Deployment Tool to roll out Office 2016 to your desktops.

Look for more posts from me discussing the new features of Office 2016 and Office 365 that “take the work out of working together”.

Office 2016 and the new servicing options for Office 365 admins demo

Office 2016 setup and deployment updates demo


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