I’m thankful and grateful to be re-awarded as a Microsoft MVP for Office 365 in 2015.
It has been an amazing year, connecting with so many companies, organizations and schools who use or plan to use Office 365.

The Office 365 Network on Yammer continues to thrive and grow and it has been a large part of both my contributions and a source of learning. I love the community spirit there, the range of expertise and depth of experience. It’s sometimes said that a team has X number of years of combined experience in their field. What can be said of the Office 365 Network? How do you quantify the knowledge and experience there?

Thank you for all the questions you posted, on Twitter, in the Office 365 Network, Facebook, on my blog posts and videos – even in person. I learn so much from finding the answers with you. Thanks too for putting up with my cheekiness as I question the old ways and classic approaches to communication and collaboration. We will make our choices and find what works best for us as individuals and for our organizations. The main thing is that we have choices in what we want to use and how we want to implement a technology. As long as we are moving forward at some pace, we’ll continue to enable our people to work together more easily and effectively.

I look forward to another year of sharing and learning together.


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