Thinking about Office 365 Groups / Planner and controlling Group creation.I know there are valid reasons for controlling who creates Groups. If Planner is closely integrated with Groups and creating a Plan will create a Group, do we really want to restrict who can create Plans?
Administrative control is important. But the more you exert control, the more difficult you make it for people to get on with work.
The end result could be all Groups and Plans need to be created by the IT department and then we’re back to square one, re-applying friction and putting the work back into working together.
That may even mean that people return to shadow IT and using other services in their control, even though Office 365 is providing great collaborative tools and experiences.

It’s early days, but I do hope IT departments and workgroups find middle ground between control and the freedom to work collaboratively, using Groups and other services leveraging Groups.

Have you found middle ground in your organization?

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