I have been using Sway occasionally for presentations. I like that I can put something together quickly and bring in live content easily. But up until now, I found the text size was not ideal for an audience in a room. If I had bullet points or text other than headings, it was difficult to read for those at the back of the room. Today we received the Sway text size slider.
UserVoice works. I received an email that a feature suggestion for Sway had been put into production.

Sway doesn’t want to compromise on its “show me your intent” policy when it comes to content. Rather than expecting you to spend a lot of time picking the right font and adjusting the size to be just right, you show your intent for text. We have had Headings, Emphasize, Accent, Bullets, Numbers for sometime. Now we can show our intent for text size.

Use Design > Customize.

Slide the text between small, normal or large.


  • Small – This size is ideal for a Sway that will be read on screen like a document.
  • Normal – Text is good for presentations or documents that have short blocks of text.
  • Large – Good for presentations with short blocks of text. Large blocks of text don’t appear to fit on the screen when used with the Presentation layout.

View my video discussing the new feature, the Sway I worked on during the video and the PowerPoint it was based on.


The down side to this feature is it applies to your whole presentation. I would like to change the text size using the slider, per card. One card might use normal text and be easy to read for presentations. Another card with a quote or statement might use large text.
The good thing is that based on todays feature release, we know that the Sway team continues to listen to feedback and keep improving a great product.
Keep your suggestions coming for Sway at sway.uservoice.com


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  1. Hi I’m quite new to Sway but I’m struggling with some features. The bullet text options always causes a crash!! I don’t understand how to enter a new line of text. As a programme it is very interesting but as a Microsoft product I would have thought that the constant crashing would have been sorted out before release!!!!


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