Are you a ‘zero Inbox’ person? Does your organization use Yammer? You will be familiar with this long-time quirkiness in how to process your Inbox in Yammer. When

  • you have participated in a conversation
  • replied to or liked a conversation
  • if someone mentions you in conversation
  • or someone sends you a direct message

You will receive a message in your Yammer Inbox. The general idea is that you visit the Inbox periodically to read and clear these messages, as you do with email. If you have left your Yammer settings as default, you will also receive an email for any message that is delivered to your Yammer Inbox. It’s simple enough to clear your email. Well, some of us manage to. Then there are those of us who reduce our Inbox anxiety and do the equivalent of a teenager tidying their room by stuffing their wardrobe / closet with everything that was on their floor – we use Mark All as Read. At least that get’s rid of the tension causing unread message count for our Inbox.
But what about Yammer?

Those of us who use it are very familiar with the most popular feature request – Mark All as Read. Up until recently to mark a Yammer message as read, you would need to read each individual message. On a busy network and where your organization has chosen to use Yammer groups to replace Distribution Groups, potentially you will have many messages to read, one… by… one.

Yammer has recently released a feature to the Office 365 Network (powered by Yammer), where we can view all our unread messages in a filtered view and tick a box beside each message to mark it as read.
Please take a look at this feature with me, as I make some cheeky comments and a comparison with Outlook’s Mark All as Read.

Almost there Yammer.

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