I’m going to blog from Docs.com using the Journal section. It’s powered by Sway. I want to see if it serves all my blogging needs and helps to simplify creating my content. I will embed the Sway’s back into a blog post like this.
I expect some short-comings, one of which will be Search Engine Optimization. Ideally, I’d also like to be able to author the journal entries from the iPhone Sway app. But the app doesn’t connect to Sways in the Journal storage. Only to Sways in your Sway account. Hopefully that will change because authoring Sway based posts from a mobile would be very convenient.

I have already made the Journal my front page for Docs.com, so it can be visited from https://docs.com/darrell-webster.
I’ll blog about how it performs, which you can read firstly from my Docs.com profile, and secondly embedded in a post on this blog.


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