I think the new SharePoint Online site pages are a good start. They are easier to add content and hopefully over time, they will become more customizable. I’d like to make use of the News app and pages to help teams and departments keep the whole organization informed of whats happening. When a new article is written, I want to provide discussion by embedding a Yammer conversation into the page using the modern Yammer web part. But I can only embed a Yammer group, topic (#hashtag), person or the All Network feed.
What do you think about my request? Will embedding a single Yammer conversation using the URL help to facilitate discussion for a News article using new SharePoint site capabilities?


  1. Yes, in the past we have integrated single Yammer conversations in SharePoint (news article) pages already. It would be great when it will be possible to embed the Yammer conversation into the new SharePoint Online pages.


  2. Anyone know if it’s possible to view a Yammer feed that has been embedded in a SharePoint Online communication site? It shows up fine in the browser, but on the SharePoint mobile app, I get this message: “This web part isn’t supported in the mobile app. To see this content view this page in a browser.” I tried using the Yammer web part and the embed web part, and get the same message with either, thanks.


      1. I think I’m already using the new Yammer web part (unless something is on the roadmap that isn’t out yet?) In my scenario, the users will be on SharePoint mobile app, and it doesn’t make sense to me that they can’t see the Yammer feed within that site without having to switch to yet another app. Thanks for responding!


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