Thanks again to all the contributors at Thank you for allowing me to aggregate your blog posts into a site the helped readers find your thoughts with others. It was a convenient and effortless way for you to participate. This blog has been running since October 2013, when I was first awarded as and Office 365 MVP. I continue to be inspired by the thought leadership and dedication you demonstrate to the community of IT Pros. To our readers, thanks for following, retweeting and patience with technical glitches. As mentioned in my previous post, it’s time to move to a new home. At RE:Office 365, our writers are more active participants. They may blog from WordPress or other platforms. But it’s a conscious task to import, cross-post or write a story on the Medium based platform. As we build our momentum and encourage writers to keep contributing, please show your support and respond, recommend and highlight their content. Medium is just as much about the conversation as it is about the original story. If you use or administer Office 365 and you have some thoughts to share, consider joining us as writers. You don’t have to be an Microsoft MVP. But you do need to have a good balance of sharing what you know and what you think.

To find out more, watch this goofy but informative video Loryan Strant and I put together. Follow @REOffice365 on Twitter. If you’re not on Medium, sign up using your Twitter account (or your Facebook account or email address). If you’re interested and ready to commit to share your thoughts regularly, email


We look forward to building a community of writers and a vibrant publication, to learn from and to challenge each others thoughts and approaches.

See you there.

Darrell Webster

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