Here’s Sunday’s test using Facebook Live. I’m getting closer to making a decision about what is best to use for a Live audience for the RE:Office 365 community and publication.I dialed my settings down after a successful Periscope session using their Studio tools. I thought that might solve my streaming issues with Facebook. Seems it did. However, I need to get my audio under control and mute the Live stream I may be monitoring so I don’t get the audio loops.

Figured out how to embed the video into Medium on my second 15th attempt. Once you know how, you know how.

Apologies for the sound quality in the first 28 seconds and a little later on. I need to get a handle on the studio tools and preventing feedback loops.
The Audio for most of the video is good once we get past those bumps.
I promise to do better with my future broadcasts. Once I know, I know how.


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