So what you say? This is 2017 and the feature has been available in other platforms for years. I have read comments like this and I agree. This long requested feature has been a long time coming. But it’s good to see Edit Post arrive. Now people can correct what they have said. As something of a gift to say “thanks for your patience”, you can even go back and edit the post you posted 3 years ago when you wish you had the feature. Unlike some platforms, Yammer also offers version history so you can see the original message and versions of the changes made.

Sometimes an announcement is made in a post and facts are verified afterwards. The announcement needs to be updated so that people who read the original post are correctly informed. Up until now, corrections were added in the comments. But as the conversation thread lengthens, the corrections can be overlooked as they rolled up in to the “show previous X previous replies” feature.  An advantage of editing a post is that the original post can be corrected. The version history is available to read, if some of the early responses seem out of context. By editing the original post, all the responses and respondents are retained. The conversation can continue and those who have already added their “10 cents worth” will continue.

Highlight from this weeks episode of “O365 Message Center: The week that was April 14

There’s one improvement I’d like to see to Edit Post. In my testing, I created a post and another account replied to it. I then edited the original post. There was no notification that the original post had been edited. I would like to see a notification when a post has been edited. The edit will affect ongoing conversation. Using my example above, all the respondents to a post would benefit from a notification if the original post was edited.

Good work team Yammer. Thanks for finally addressing this much requested feature.

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