MVP Community Camp 2014 - Running more Interactive Lync meetings

MVP Community Camp in Auckland was a successful event and I had a lot of fun being a part of it. It was great to connect with other people interested in Microsoft technologies, devices and services. While I had the honour of presenting, I learned much from the other attendees, MVP's and Microsoft staff that presented. I was unable to record my actual presentation. But I did make this recording the day before while I was practising - with Lync Online meeting tools, naturally!


As you can see from the recording, I presented from OneNote, rather than PowerPoint. OneNote was my whiteboard - Noteboarding.

I presented from a Surface Pro, so I could use a stylus to write down attendee's contributions as we made a list of interactive tools available to us in Lync Online. The Surface and OneNote were also useful later when I had to illustrate how an uploaded presentation works in Lync Online. You can view my presentation in OneNote Online using this link -

The Notebook is stored in a document library, on my public SharePoint Online website.

Some pic's from the days presentations -