OneNote for Meetings - Answering a real question

OneNote-for-Meetings-feat I saw an interesting discussion on the Office 365 Technical Network on Yammer. Being the topic was OneNote, SharePoint and Lync Online and Office 365, I thought I'd use OneNote to answer the question.

Frank Spina of Bristol-Myers Squibb ( has been using SharePoint 2007 Meeting Workspace effectively to share meeting resources, tasks and notes. His company is moving to Office 365 soon and he wants to know what the replacement is for Meeting Workspaces in SharePoint Online.

Frank made the following post in the Office 365 Technical Network on Yammer: Yammer Conversation Thread

"A plea for some functional meeting guidance here . . . I am interested in hearing your approaches for centralizing meeting content in Office 365. My company was among the few that had become ardent users of the now-deprecated SharePoint 2007 Meeting Workspace functionality and in anticipation of our upgrade to O365 (in 2015) we are struggling to find like-for-like (or even better, enhanced) approaches...."


Frank's wish list

- Having a single repository/link that houses a given meeting's content (doc links, other links, attendees, agenda, proposed agenda topics, minutes, etc.)

- Creating a new instance of that repository for each date/time that meeting occurs

- Linking that date-specific repository to the corresponding meeting request in Outlook calendar

- The ability to quickly find historical meeting content based on date and search

- Any integration with SharePoint (e.g. to easily link docs, surface web parts, etc.)

- Integrated task management (i.e. action items are captured in a meeting and synched to the owner's respective task list in Outlook . . . wish list)

Visit my public OneNote notebook for my response.

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