First Reaction to Office 365 Group - an honest, explorative walk-through

Office 365 Groups have been announced, YamJammed (live discussion), given a support page and now, are beginning to appear in tenants using the First Release setting. Rather than giving you a nice polished break-down of what Groups are, I wanted to un-box it with you. I explore it and comment as I click through what I discover on the surface of Office 365 Groups. This video isn't polished. I left all the um's and ah's because that was my honest reaction.

  • "Um, how do I... Ah, now I get it"
  • "Um, why does it do that?"
  • "Ah OK. The experience is different here for some reason"

I talk a little in circles, asking questions as I discover things, then circle back to that question when I find an answer. I begin to form an opinion or wonder about something, then dig a little deeper and change my opinion.

If you want polished reflections about Office 365 Groups...

If you want to learn more about Office 365 Groups from Microsoft channels...


As I said... my walk-through ain't pretty, but it's honest. About 40 minutes long. Don't bring the popcorn. Don't expect Morgan Freeman clarity and depth of voice in my narration. But if you want one persons first reaction, here it is in all it's under-cooked glory.

Timeline and topic index provided below the video.