OneNote Class Notebook Creator and OneDrive For Business - Finding the notebook

This tip is for schools and teachers using the OneNote Class Notebook Creator. Learn more about it and find other tips by reading my blog post - OneNote Class Notebook Creator – Officially Launched  When you create your notebook in OneDrive for Business (ODFB), using the OneNote Class Notebook Creator, it isn't easily found from the landing page of ODFB.  The Creator app creates the same document library as it does when running the app in a class site.

Here's how you access your notebooks in ODFB.

Using Search OneDrive

  1. Type the name of your notebook in the Search OneDrive box.


Using Site Contents

  1. From OneDrive for Business, click the Settings Cog and choose Site Contents. OneNote-Classroom-Notebook-Creator-ODFB-Find-04
  2. Open the document library EDUOneNoteAppDocuments.
  3. Open the course folder and launch your notebook using OneNote Online.


Remember, to share with other students, you will need to run the app again from your OneDrive for Business Site Contents page.