Yammer Office 365 Sign-in comes to my tenant

The long awaited Yammer Office 365 Sign-in comes to my tenant. This short video looks at a few user experiences when using Yammer from the Office 365 App Launcher. In short, it's convenient. There is still something a little quirky about "last actively browsed Yammer network." But overall, it's a step that will set the foundation for deeper integration of Yammer into Office 365 services. http://youtu.be/gqoZU0e2lnk

Update | 18 Feb

I must add, I use the Yammer embed code to display our company Yammer feed in our SharePoint Online intranet. An added benefit of Yammer Office 365 Sign-in is that when I log into our intranet, the embedded Yammer feed is logged in at the same time. No more embedded Yammer login prompts:Yammer-Office-365-Sign-in-02