My #MSIgnite 2015

Welcome to my Microsoft Ignite story. It will be told Live using some of my favourite Microsoft Office tools, embedded and linked to this page. This page will become very much like a dashboard of my MSIgnite experience, using:

  • Sway
  • OneNote with Office 365
  • OneDrive
  • Yammer

I will use multiple Sways, one for each day. There is so much happening at Microsoft Ignite that each day deserves a Sway of it's own.  I'll be building my Sways below, before and during MSIgnite.

  • The Live and current Sway for the day will be displayed below.
  • The current experience that I'm sharing Live will be at the beginning of the Sway.

At the conclusion of the conference, I'll re-order the content chronologically to tell my MSIgnite story. MSIgnite-Sway-Full-Screen To open my Sway in full screen