Link to your new Delve profile in your internal email signature

Quick tip. Consider linking hyperlinking your name in your internal email signature to your Delve profile page in Office 365. I know that there are many places where your contact card is available in Office 365 and in a couple of clicks, you can visit someones profile page in your organization. But to make it only one click away, hyperlink your name to your Delve profile page. This makes not just your profile but your but also your activity quickly accessible. Announced at Ignite in May, we will see Delve Analytics within your work group. By making this one click away in your email signature, your colleagues and team members will have more visibility of who you are and what you're working on. Delve-Profile-Email-Sign-01

Visit your profile page and copy the link from the address bar.



Hyperlink your name in your internal email signature.




Now your profile, activities, blog posts and other experiences coming, are only a click away from your signature.