Are Intranets still relevant? – RE365 Debate Ep 2

The way we collaboration and communication continues to change. Intranets have played an important role in corporate communication and given us a place to work together. But with the tools and platforms we now have, do we still need Intranets? Let's talk about that. Tune into Episode 2 of the #RE365 Debate, live … Continue reading Are Intranets still relevant? – RE365 Debate Ep 2

Moving to less choice

This is the second post in a series discussing being overwhelmed by Microsoft’s many choices in productivity tools. The series began with a statement about having too many choices. This next post begins to pull apart that statement. Is the answer to move to a platform with less choices?Microsoft are giving us too many choices. … Continue reading Moving to less choice

Too many choices

Microsoft are giving us too many choices. We’re going to move our organisation to a competing technology that offers less choices.We know the platform we move to will have it’s short comings. But we can choose from a number of different third-party services that integrate with the new non-Microsoft platform. We will evaluate each third-party … Continue reading Too many choices