Practical applications for SharePoint Spaces

The biggest surprise from the SharePoint Virtual Summit this week was the announcement of SharePoint Spaces. The potential of VR and AR in business scenarios has been talked about for some time. But it hasn't been very accessible to regular people. They either need to invest in expensive equipment, develop or use expensive off the … Continue reading Practical applications for SharePoint Spaces

VLog 17 – Walk-pool Thinkeoke – Video messaging

I need to keep my team up to date while I'm on an intensive project. I don't have time to write an email and they're not available for a call. I want to show them a few things and communicate more than just my voice. I use video messaging. But currently I use tools on … Continue reading VLog 17 – Walk-pool Thinkeoke – Video messaging

Are Intranets still relevant? – RE365 Debate Ep 2

The way we collaboration and communication continues to change. Intranets have played an important role in corporate communication and given us a place to work together. But with the tools and platforms we now have, do we still need Intranets? Let's talk about that. Tune into Episode 2 of the #RE365 Debate, live … Continue reading Are Intranets still relevant? – RE365 Debate Ep 2

Moving to less choice

This is the second post in a series discussing being overwhelmed by Microsoft’s many choices in productivity tools. The series began with a statement about having too many choices. This next post begins to pull apart that statement. Is the answer to move to a platform with less choices?Microsoft are giving us too many choices. … Continue reading Moving to less choice

Too many choices

Microsoft are giving us too many choices. We’re going to move our organisation to a competing technology that offers less choices.We know the platform we move to will have it’s short comings. But we can choose from a number of different third-party services that integrate with the new non-Microsoft platform. We will evaluate each third-party … Continue reading Too many choices