No headset? Companion devices to the rescue – Microsoft Teams

I attended the Digital Workplace Conference this week in Auckland, New Zealand. I don't like taking a headset with me to a conference unless I have to. As conferences usually go for a busy consultant, the eventual call comes in for something you just have to attend to. Thankfully, this fantastic project manager was giving me 'heads-up' that I'm needed in a meeting later in the day. However, I didn't bring any headset. Then I remembered Microsoft Teams allows use of a companion device.

Outlook Mobile: Focused Inbox

While assisting organisations with User Adoption during their Microsoft 365 projects, I observed a noticeable gap in how-to video content for Outlook mobile. I'm going to do my part to fill the gap by creating an Outlook Mobile playlist of short videos, sharing the context of why and where you would use features in Outlook Mobile. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep up with fresh tips uploaded frequently. When you're working on the move, away from…

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