Manage flagged email in Microsoft ToDo

Microsoft ToDo is becoming more capable of taking the full load of your task management from Outlook. In this latest release you can manage your flagged email. At the beginning of the day we scan through email and prioritise what to respond to first. Some email requires a longer, more considered response. I flag … Continue reading Manage flagged email in Microsoft ToDo

Outlook Mobile: Focused Inbox

While assisting organisations with User Adoption during their Microsoft 365 projects, I observed a noticeable gap in how-to video content for Outlook mobile. I'm going to do my part to fill the gap by creating an Outlook Mobile playlist of short videos, sharing the context of why and where you would use features in Outlook Mobile. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep up with fresh tips uploaded frequently. When you're working on the move, away from your desk or office, you need to keep up with important email. But you only have brief opportunities during your busy day to check your messages and decide what to … Continue reading Outlook Mobile: Focused Inbox

Attaching files to tasks in Microsoft ToDo

Do you use Microsoft ToDo to organise your personal tasks? Microsoft have opened up an Insiders program for early access and as an initial carrot, introduce file attachments to tasks. I saw a few questions about how to add file attachments on iOS. This video walks through how to attach a file using the iOS … Continue reading Attaching files to tasks in Microsoft ToDo

But Apple Watch, I’ve been standing all day.

I have been working from home for 5 years and using a standing desk for about 2 years. I feel more energetic while I working at a standing desk. When sitting all day, I would usually tire by 2pm. I found it harder to concentrate. But with a standing desk, I experience this around 3:30-4pm. … Continue reading But Apple Watch, I’ve been standing all day.

Are you talking to me?

Using @mentions in conversation has become a norm in lots of communication platforms. Even Outlook has found a way to use @mentions, adding the mentioned person to the To: line and highlighting the person’s name in the conversation. @mentions have featured in social media platforms and chat-based collaboration like Microsoft Teams, Slack or Yammer. Those … Continue reading Are you talking to me?

Syncing Files On-Demand with Office 365

  Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has arrived and with it, the highly anticipated OneDrive Files On-Demand. My Dell XPS15 must have been in the initial list of approved hardware because the Fall Creators Update was available on the day of it's release. I installed the update before going on a business trip for a day … Continue reading Syncing Files On-Demand with Office 365

A bad habit turns productive with Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups simplify team collaboration by reducing the friction experienced when changing between collaboration tools. I know that when I start a conversation with a Group email address or upload a document to Group Files, all my team members can access and participate. In the past, I would have used a Distribution List to … Continue reading A bad habit turns productive with Office 365 Groups